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Overal Rating: 7

Chicas Bonitas

1818 Las Vegas Blvd North, Las Vegas, NV 89030 - Downtown Las Vegas

Dress Code: Business Casual   Age Limit: 21   Type: Adult Entertainment

Chicas Bonitas

Chicas Bonitas – located in North Las Vegas, just a few blocks from Palomino – is Las Vegas’ only topless Latina gentleman’s club.  While the main clientele of this cozy establishment consists of locals, they gladly welcome visitors that enjoy lovely Latina women of all shapes and sizes.

The parking lot may be dirt and gravel, but it’s extremely spacious and comes in handy when the club gets packed later in the evening.  Upon stepping through the front door, customers find themselves in a small little waiting area before feasting their eyes on the inside.  The first thing that guests will likely notice is the sheer amount of beauties strewn about the place; whether they be dancing, flirting with guests, or just lounging at the bar.  Whereas some gentleman’s clubs would try to employ a single, stereotypical looking Latina woman to bring in audiences, Chicas Bonitas really does cater to every taste:  long and leggy, short and petite, skinny, curvy, extra curvy, and everywhere in between. And, while this is a topless club, the outfits are carefully chosen by these women to highlight their…well…assets.

There are some other things that customers will find when visiting Chicas Bonitas.  Firstly, there are many different kinds of lights in the club, whether they are colored spotlights coming from the ceiling, lights on the stage, or from the many lit alcohol signs on the walls. While not to the point of blinding anyone, all these bright lights create an energetic mood highlighted by the upbeat Latin music.  Another thing you will find is symbols of Mexican pride, including a flag hanging over the bar, various jerseys hung on the walls, and a few traditional art prints placed here and there.  Lastly, you’ll frequently see a lot of fights at Chicas Bonitas – on the TV. The club is known by many locals as the place to find boxing and UFC matches.  With so many flat screens, a fully stocked bar, sultry women, and even warm pizza, there’s not much more one could ask for on fight night.

There are three stages in the club: one rectangular main stage with two poles, and two small circular stages on either side of the club, conveniently next to some couches.  The two circular stages are no more than a yard in diameter, with lit up sections on the floor around the pole; the pole on each of these stages is no more than eight or nine feet.  Since most of the attention is on the main stage, these smaller stages spread out the crowd and allow everyone in attendance a show.  The main stage is fairly simple, although much larger than the smaller side stages, consisting of two separate, lit up squares that have been combined to form one giant stage.  While most stages in gentleman’s clubs are raised at least three feet off of the ground, the stage at Chicas Bonitas is only raised about four inches, meaning the action on stage is front and center.  While the dancers here provide quite a pole show despite the low stage, they use the stage to their advantage when simply dancing.


1818 Las Vegas Blvd North, Las Vegas, NV 89030