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Overal Rating: 8

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club

6007 Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89118 - Downtown Las Vegas

Dress Code: Casual   Age Limit: 21   Type: Adult Entertainment

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club

Located on Ponderosa (across the 15 freeway from the Bali Hai Golf Club and McCarran Airport) Larry Flynt’s Hustler Topless may seem a little far from The Strip for some, but this spacious location is to the club’s advantage. Not only is the view from the club spectacular – especially at sunset – but it allows the club more freedom for parties and events. It also allows enough room to attach one of the famous Hustler Boutiques to the club. The boutique is full of Hustler apparel, sexy outfits for the ladies, titillating toys, and a huge collection of porn magazines and movies (including a selection of popular Hustler titles).

Whether customers enter through the boutique or the front door, the anticipation before entering the club is electric. The lobby area before entering the club looks like the entrance to a lazer tag arena, so that when customers finally step inside, the shimmering, glittering silver interior is quite a sight; and that’s just the first floor. Two silver stages, two silver bars, dozens of silver faux snake skin chairs, and white booths stretch out before customers, with no bad place to watch the action from. The white, elegant booths around the perimeter of the room are for private parties, but there are plenty of other places to sit and have a drink (try Sarah’s favorite, Crown Royal Black and cranberry juice). There are two bars, one on each side of the room, and both serve the same abundant selection of premium liquor with both imported and domestic beers. At least a dozen TV’s are perched high around the room; some showing sports and others showing previews from upcoming and recently released Hustler films. And of course, light projections of Hustler’s official mascot – Bucky Beaver – are cast around the room. Many people aren’t aware, but there actually used to be an old Hustler club that is being incorporated into the new location. The old club consisted of one tiny stage, two small poles, a tiny bar, and very limited space. The old club now sits in the rear of the new club as a small restaurant serving up delectable eats.

The girls here are really what makes this club shine. Lovely ladies like Misfit and Sally are up on the stage one minute, performing terribly sexy acrobatic feats and mind blowing dances; then the next minute they’re sitting at a table, seductively smoking a cigarette and sipping on a cocktail, chatting you up as if you were old friends from high school - from your lap of course. The two stages stand in the midst of all this decadence; one with a spinning 20 foot pole and the other with a roughly 35 foot fixed pole that goes all the way to the ceiling. As one cranes their neck upward at the astoundingly long pole, one can see a clear catwalk that leads up to the pole, begging the question: what’s upstairs?

For a little extra, you can upgrade from the silver ground floor to this golden paradise on the second floor. Dances are a little more expensive, but last longer and get steamier, along with the fact that the waitresses up here wear little more than panties and pasties. There is also a clear catwalk where girls can be found sashaying back and forth, and the bravest of the dancers will attempt the twirl from the upper catwalk down to the bottom floor. There is a private room that’s ideal for bachelor parties; decorated in deep wood accents and dark leather, this room is cozy and full of amenities. On the opposite side of the DJ booth of this private room lays Larry Flynt’s own private room, ready on a moment’s notice when the mogul comes to town. A very recent addition to the club is the rooftop patio; spacious and packed with chairs and heat lamps, the patio is ideal for larger functions like weddings or reunions. Hustler even hosts its own holiday parties for occasions like Halloween and Christmas, that are available to anyone adventurous enough to buy a ticket.

Even the restrooms here come with a sense of adventure: The men’s room urinals are big open mouths with red lips, so even relieving yourself is as sexy as possible. The sinks like between the men’s and ladies’ rooms and look like giant blue shells that you would find on a island resort, and come with lovely ladies behind them who actually wash and dry your hands for you. This just goes to show that – down to even the tiniest detail – Larry Flynt’s Hustler topless is one of the most exciting, sexiest places in town.


6007 Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89118